M2 Motorsport alloy radiator
for Ford Focus RS/ST225 MK2 – M2-R505


One of the best modification’s for any performance engine is reducing heat when power is increased temps are raised controlling temp will have a dramatic effect on engine power output. M2 Motorsports’ large volume alloy radiators are one of the first modifications you should consider when tuning your Mazda MX-5 NA engine. Fits OEM chassis.

Core size: 395 (height) x 670 (width) x 40 (depth) mm

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Our M2 Motorsport alloy radiator was designed and and engineered as a direct fit; thus no cutting, fabrication or modification will be required for installation. The radiator is made with a brazed aluminium core and TIG welded polished aluminium end tanks. Replacing the OEM radiator on a Mazda MX-5 with for an aluminium performance radiator from M2 Motorsport will improve cooling capacity and keep the engine cool to prevent overheating. Maintaining the proper temperatures in the engine will help extend its life and improve its overall performance.

  • Twin channel aluminium core will achieve up to 30% more cooling capability than the standard radiator.
  • Keeps engine temperatures down ideal for track use.
  • More water volume within a channel means greater cooling efficiency.
  • Polished Alloy and TIG welded for strength and long lasting durability.
  • High quality component and includes 12 months guarantee.
  • Brand new
  • We recommend all cooling components are fitted by a qualified mechanic to ensure the correct fitment


Only manual Transmission!

Ford Focus RS 305/RS 350/ST 225 manual 2004-

Mazda 3 manual 2004-

Volvo S40/S50 2004-

RADIATOR: All Aluminium

Coresize: H 395mm x L 670mm x 40mm –2ROW

Additional information

Weight 10 kg
Dimensions 410 × 750 × 50 cm

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for Ford Focus RS/ST225 MK2 – M2-R505

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