Fletcher catback system
for MINI Cooper S (R53) – LS-AMN-CPS01


A Fletcher Mini cat-back exhaust system for R53 Cooper S. Designed by M2 Motorsport, made from premium quality, mirror finished, 304 stainless steel.

76 mm O/D tail pipes

no figures available

no figures available

+/- 80 dB (max. reading on track with stock manifold and catalysts)

approx. 1 hour

Currently no stock available.

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This is the resonated cat-back system by Fletcher, for  Mini, as found on our 240+ bhp Dutch Time Attack MINI Cooper S. This exhaust is a great upgrade for your MINI R53. Although we currently do not have any figures available (and therefore won’t claim any performance gains) we know for a fact that our system does improve the throttle response and, maybe even more importantly, the funfactor by a mile!

A soundclip from our Dutch Time Attack MINI Cooper S!


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for MINI Cooper S (R53) – LS-AMN-CPS01

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