New release

ULTRALITE F1 - 15 x 7.5 INCH - ET30 - 100 x 4 PCD - MATT GREY
New release
Friday, September 6th, 2019

New variation: Ultralite F1.2

It isn't a secret that our Ultralite F1.2 is very popular amongst MX-5 NA and NB owners. We have some good news as it is available in 3 new colours from now on; matt bronze, matt silver and matt gun metal. Whether the gloss gun metal and gloss silver will stay in production is uncertain at this moment.
ULF1-1575-1GM Ultralite F1.2 in 15" Gloss Gun metal
New release
Wednesday, March 21st, 2018

New release: Ultralite F1.2

The F1.2 Ultralite Wheel is the successor to our highly appreciated 15" Ultralite F1. It is available in 7.5Jx15" with an offset of 30 mm and PCD of 4x100.  The new offset and somewhat wider dimension make it a great replacement for its predecessor for even more applications.
UL37-1890-1BZ Ultralite UL-37 18 in matt bronze
New release
Wednesday, August 9th, 2017

New release: Ultralite UL37

We will add a great new design to our wheel collection. Inspired by Volk TE37 wheels we now offer our own, the UL37 ;-). Now in stock in Matt Black or Matt Bronze. Available in 18" only; 8 or 9J and with a PCD of 5x100 ór 5x114.3 (single drilled!). All with a 35 mm offset. Send in your inquiries by e-mail ( as we don't even have them online yet!
ULTRALITE ZERO 1 - 17 x 8 INCH - ET28 - 114.3 x 5 PCD - BRUSH SILVER
New release
Monday, June 26th, 2017

New release: Ultralite Zero-1

This is our latest model; the Ultralite Zero-1. We don't even have it on our online shop yet! This brushed aluminium is at this moment only available in 17" x 8J, with an offset of 28 mm and executed with a 114.3 x 5 PCD. Please send us an e-mail for your best offer!
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