Is it possible to buy as a company and get the TAXES excluded?

If you own or work for an business in the EU we can offer you the wheels without tax through “intra-community supply of goods”. Let us know by email which wheels or parts you want, send us the company invoice details and the VAT/TAX numbers.

We will email you the offer with the TAX excluded, shipping price and the rest of the story.


Do you ship worldwide?

We try to serve everywere possible. Most of the European countrys are added to select for shipment. But other countrys need some more attention. If you are interested in our products, please email us to get a fine offer and shipping price.


I am curious.
What does the JWL logo mean?

The JWL standard (Japan Light Alloy Wheel standard) is a set of requirements for alloy wheels set by the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism in Japan that must be met for all passenger cars in Japan. The JWL mark, cast or forged into the wheel, indicates that the wheel has been certified by its manufacturer to meet the standard.
All of our wheels wear the JWL logo.

I am confused.
Why wasn’t my package send from Ultralite Racing directly?

At Ultralite Racing, we don’t carry all wheels on stock. We’ve partnered up with companies throughout Europe to be able to carry a large stock without having it all at one place. Your order therefore might be send out from a whole other company from a whole other country then Ultralite Racing in The Netherlands.
Furthermore, it is more cost efficient to ship them within, for example, the UK then from our warehouse in The Netherlands to the UK.

I want to stand out.
Can you do custom colors, offsets or PCD’s?

Due to how our logistics are set up we do not offer any custom sizes, dimensions or colors at this moment. We suggest for you to respray them locally. Off course we can send the wheels directly to your desired paint-shop.

I am a race-car driver.
Can you sponsor me?

We get loads of sponsor-requests on almost a daily basis. Which is great. Please note though, it is impossible for us to supply all of you with ‘free’ wheels. Therefore, to improve your chances, we have set up a quick guideline.
With your application, please elaborate what is in it for us; how many followers do you have on Instagram, Facebook etc. Tell us how does your fanclub looks like, do you supply pictures of your car without any copyrights (and therefore free to use commercially)? What do you expect in return? For example how many wheels do you need, which one, free of charge or ‘just’ a big discount? Feel free to send in your application at info[a] We will always reply on your request.

I spend most of my time on forums.
Can we arrange a group-buy?

Yes you can! Actually, we highly recommend you doing so in order to save some money. Discounts can get up as high as 20% per set, but please, before you do, get in touch with us for some rules and conditions which apply on such a deal at info[a]

I am a business man.
How can I get a wholesale account?

Please send us an e-mail at info[a]

I have another question.
How can I contact you?

We are at your disposal 24/7. You can either send us an e-mail at info[a], call us at +31 26 7504543 (we speak English & Dutch), send a (private) message on Facebook message at, or on Instagram at If you are a more old-school kind, don’t hesitate to send us a letter or postcard at the office on Florijnweg 7, 6883 JN Velp, The Netherlands.